It's A Design Thing.....Boxed In

So nostalgia hits me in many different ways from time to time and is generally relative to the decade we all know and "love"...the 80's.  Sometimes through words like radical, tubular, awesome.  Other times through clothing such as neon, mesh, checkered slip-ons.  Most times however its through music.  And as with most moments of nostalgia for me it is generally through lyrics and I can't always name the song, artist, or title but generally I can remember a majority of the lyrics and have a gift (or curse according to my wife) of being able to sing most songs from start to finish.  When I saw this bit of architecture, a particularly short lived song and even shorter lived band popped into my head.  "Living In A Box" none other than....Living In A Box.  So creative and imaginative!  Not!  (note the 80's reference here of course).   

Anyway, this "box" is more than just a box and is extremely creative, imaginative, and beautiful in it's own right.  From the outside, it appears to be confining, cold, and worse yet, constraining.  It is far from that.  Take a close look at the materials, layout, lighting, and spacial programming and you will soon see that " in a cardboard box"....just got blended and remixed into "....sweet dreams are made of this...."