Not lost in translation

I have been traveling around France again this past week. This has given me the opportunity to test out another GPS app for the iPhone. This time I used one called GPS Copilot by Alk Technologies.
You can download and test out the app for free, but the trial is limited to walking routes. If you want the app for driving navigation you must purchase the 3D navigation add on.
The two things that I must have from a GPS while I'm in Europe are as follows:
1. It must work without any cellular service as I have my service disabled while we are here in Europe, and
2. It must have maps that can be downloaded to the device, because I have no access to maps while I'm away from WiFi. Plus, I wouldn't want to waste my Data Plan allotment on downloading maps even if I did have mobile service.

GPS Copilot satisfies both of those must haves.

As for navigation, Copilot did a wonderful job. The maps are current and we never got lost. However, there was one instance where Copilot lost its track in the middle of a route after I had taken a wrong turn and was trying to get back on track. Copilot gave me a message that there was no route to the destination. I had to reprogram the route to get it to give me the route again.
Copilot also has a feature where you can set waypoints along your route, so you can be certain to travel a specific route. We used this feature to travel the "Route du Vin" in the Alsaçe region and it worked wonderfully.
This is the second GPS app that I have used during our stay in France, and I must say that it is vastly better than traveling with regular maps or sheets of paper from Google maps. It gives you the ability to get off route without worrying that you are going to be hopelessly lost. Well worth the money.