It's A Design Thing.....Heat Charged

Being a Colorado native, the outdoors is something near and dear to my heart.  Experiencing nature can be and usually does provide a mental recharge.  Getting away from the daily hustle and bustle of computers, phones, cars, smog, etc can be quite therapeutic.  That said, this day and age we also like our conveniences and seemingly can't truly just shut ourselves off from the world.  With 2 young girls at home, my wife needs to get in touch with me someway, somehow and the "my battery was dead" excuse has run its course.  

Well fear not fellow modern outdoorsy types, you can cake and heat it too???  Wait, what did I just say?  Check out this product offered by Firebox.  A camp stove with the most essential modern day amenity; a self generating USB charger for your iPhone....roughing it just got a whole lot hotter! (Yep, I did it again)