It's A Design Thing.....Batter Up

Most that know me know that I love sports and I love being active.  Of all the different types of sports I have played or participated in, my favorite by far is America's!  Baseball fans understand this, non-baseball fans especially NFL fans can't even fathom this.  Sports philosophies aside, the one thing all sports fans can agree on is "lost time and money".  In the sporting world, this event is frequent and most commonly associated with sports injuries.  When a key player on a team is lost for any amount of time, short or considerably longer, the affect and aftermath is rarely good for the team and/or the player.  

So, if you're a player and you love the game you play (like most do), then wouldn't you do everything possible to prevent injury.  Of course you would and the majority do.  Training, stretching, diet, therapy (physical and mental) name it...athletes have been known to try just about anything to stay healthy.  

Then something wonderful is invented that can prevent a common injury that affects several MLB players throughout the course of a season.  This simple adjustment to the traditional design of the MLB wood baseball bat, which by the way hasn't changed since the 70's, can significantly decrease the amount of hamate injuries, save owners and managers lost time and money, and extend a players career and health.  Take a gander at the ProXR.  A simple yet powerfull alteration to the traditional bat design with a monumental yet short history and a seemingly shorter future.  Sometimes, traditions should be tweaked or scrapped altogether if the timing is right and that's coming from a Texas Aggie believe it or not.  Play smarter....not harder....and in this case harder is your head MLB, not the bat.  Play Ball!