can I hear you now?....and the winner is:

I have finally bought my in ear monitors from JH Audio and the pair that I've settled on are the JH13-Pro's.
I know that these were not even in the list of monitors that I was initially looking at, but I had pretty much decided on either the JH-16's or the JH-5's. I was worried that the JH-5 model didn't provide enough bass response and the JH-16 provide too much mid range bass response. I read through a myriad of reviews. Most reviews said that both of these models were great in their own respects, but I also read a couple of reviews for the JH-5's that mentioned the lack of bass and a emphasis on the highs that could become fatiguing. Likewise for the JH-16 model, I read many reviews that mentioned an emphasis on the bass, which initially intrigued me, but I also read a few reviews that mentioned a unwelcome muddiness on some tracks.
In the end I decided to go with the JH-13 Pro model. They provide the same frequency coherence technology (freqphase) that the JH-16's do, but don't have the extra set of bass drivers, so, I assume, they have less chance to become muddy in the mid-bass frequencies. Every review that I read of the newer JH-13 Pro's always mentioned the balanced response and no review ever mentioned any muddiness. You can read some of the glowing reviews here at Inner|Fidelity: ToTL Madness!
I spent just shy of $1000.00 during a sale over the 4th of July, and I still need to have an audiologist make molds of my ears that adds about another $100.00. Before you write me off as barking mad for spending so much on a pair of, what are essentially, headphones, please consider this. These will help me protect my hearing by allowing me to reduce the volume at which I listen to music, even in noisy settings. They have the same frequency coherence technology that is used on speakers that cost well in well in to the 5 figures, and arguably sound every bit as good. You also don't have to worry about being too close or too far from them as you do with frequency coherent speakers. They have cords that can easily be replaced, so they are built to last a lifetime. I hope that these will be the first and last pair that I ever buy, and I fully expect that I will still be using these in 10 years time. But, time will tell.