It's A Design Thing.....Form and Function

I am a huge admirer of outdoor furniture and its use in the landscape.  It can either enhance and compliment a space or unfortunately in most cases detract from the space.  Reason being is that most furnishings are driven by budget and budget only and although the intent was good during initial design phases, the result is generally lacking.  Furnishings "finish" the space and help to create a sense of place and typically help to organize the larger space into a series of smaller more intimate personal spaces.  Rooms if you will.  So, when the furnishings aren't carefully selected or are strictly chosen based on cost, the form is wrong, the colors are wrong, the materials are wrong...its just all wrong!   

There are many outdoor furniture designers with product lines that are great and that I am fond of but my new favorite is LAB23 .  Their current line is imaginative, innovative, comprehensive, and downright beautiful.  Form meets function!  In fact in so many different ways that regardless of your taste, you can and will find something that satisfies not only your personal taste, but more so your outdoor space.  I just can't help but picture one of these pieces in any design not by preference but by necessity.  Don't allow your space to just be good or even great...make it incredible and unforgettable.  Take a look at their line and I'm confident you will agree....LAB23 rocks!