It's A Design Thing....Do You Believe In Magic?

Finally, I'm going to post a blog that melds my IADT passion with my IT enthusiasm.  Prior to this I have for the most part kept the two separate.  In other words I blogged either about great design or great IT as both are near and dear to me.  It wasn't until last week that I came across something that brought the two together in such a way that I was honestly blown away.  I was also skeptical.  I couldn't get my head around the possibility of what I was seeing but then I realized, of course it is possible.  Great IT, meets great design (app development) meets great design process.  Oh yeah...all of it rolled into one awesome app.

It's called MagicPlan.  Fitting name considering the app allows you to layout a floor plan/footprint by simply taking pictures of the interior space with your iPhone.  What!!!  That's right...follow the app instructions to pan through a room using your built in camera and drop markers at the corners of walls and entry ways and voila, instant floor plan.  Go room to room and you can layout an entire house, commercial building, skyscraper if you want.  I laid out our townhome in 30 minutes, both floors.  Skeptical?  See for yourself and you will be a believer.  I can't even begin to tell you how incredible this is for architects, contractors, or the standard homeowner.  The possibilities are endless.  Best part...its free through iTunes!