It's A Design Thing.....Public Transit

I have always been a huge proponent of mass transit, carpooling, public transportation.... anything really that gets people out of their vehicles as solo commuters and onto work, or the game, or to school without jamming the highways and creating more pollution and congestion.  I have lived in large cities (Denver & Houston) for the majority of my life now and I have witnessed the impact that mass transit can have on traffic.  Denver has embraced light rail and continues to add more lines every few years to the areas with larger populations and congestion.  Houston (4th largest city in the nation) has one line and no plans to expand.  Instead, Houston chooses to expand and rebuild highway corridors by adding more main lanes, HOV lanes, and toll lanes.  I think last I saw I-10 was 22 lanes wide in some areas including frontage road lanes.  22!  Plans to renovate Hwy 290 are alarmingly similar.  Problem is when the renovations are complete, more often that not the "carrying" capacity has already been reached and congestion remains.  

There are smarter more sustainable solutions people!  We are not unintelligent and we do know about the issues and long term consequences with general transportation but we CHOOSE to ignore it or REFUSE to change.  We say "public transportation just isn't cool", or "I don't like being around all those people on the bus", or "I can't listen to what I want to listen to on the radio"....the list of reasons goes on and on.  What if technology and engineering came together to create the answer.  My friends...they did!  It is called Sky Tran and it is something straight out of the future.  Well the future is now.  

Dubbed the "physical internet" It is already in place and being used by NASA at their Ames Research Facility and Tel Aviv has signed on as the first major city to begin construction.  It is cool, personal, technologically advanced, integrated with iOS and Android, and just plain awesome!  So when will Houston get it?...ironically the home of NASA? telling but I sure hope its soon!