Get ready to roomba!

I just recently picked up a Roomba 780 robot vacuum. I must admit that when iRobot started making the Roomba, I was a little leery about the whole automated vacuum thing. I had visions of the little round thing stuck in a corner constantly banging on the same wall trying to find it's way out. However, over the years I have taken second and third looks at these things and the people who own them are, in general, very please with them. I finally took the plunge and bought one. We have had our Roomba for about three weeks now, and I have been very please with it as well. It does miss hard to reach place and it has gotten stuck a time or two under low furniture, but it does keep the floors clean. It has a pretty small collection bin and if it hasn't run in a while, you have to empty it frequently. Fortunately, it tells you when it needs attention. So far, the Roomba has been a BIG help, because I truly detest vacuuming.