It's A Design Thing.....Tailgating

Out with the old and in with the new.  A saying as old as time and it generally seems to be the way things go.  We always seem to find new ways to do just about everything.  New doesn't always mean improved but when it comes to technology, most "newer" things are improvements over the old.  


As I attended the Texas A&M vs Alabama game yesterday, I was in awe at the major changes and improvements throughout campus since my graduation in 1999.  I had not been back since 2003 so 10 years removed from my last visit.  Too much has changed to blog about (as that would comprise a novel) but most noticeably, especially on this big game day, was the pre game tailgating.  Practically non existent when I was a student, A&M tailgating is now a full blown event including live music, DJ's, thousands upon thousands of pop up canopies, big screen tv's (most of the time multiple under one canopy), games, and of course food!  Several setups included portable dish's to utilize satellite tv and pump it right down into our canopy.  Impressive considering the satellite dishes of old took up an entire backyard but of course in today's day and age they are much smaller and more mobile...back to my point about old and new.  

Well, Dish Network has taken even further.  More portable and even smaller.  The Tailgater is every sports fans dream and I would love to see this baby in action.  I thought back to the 2 hour troubleshooting session our tailgating "organizer" had yesterday with direct tv and I couldn't help think that The Tailgater from Dish Network may have saved him stress, energy, and of course much anticipated tailgating time.   I can't wait to tell him about it and maybe next time, I will send pics with The Tailgater.  That is, if I can get it in the is pretty small ;).