It's A Design Thing.....Declined!

I'm in hopes that most Apple lovers are fully aware that the long anticipated new iOS was released last Wednesday and that the new iPhones (5C & 5S) were released on Friday.  If not....well....I can't help you in this short blog.  But, if you are like so many of us that upgraded, updated, and/or sold the farm to get your hands on Apple's latest technologies then we welcome you to our circle of love.  Love for a mobile OS that is so clean and well designed that I nearly sent a text kiss to Jony Ive...but I refrained be it that I don't have his number.  But I wanted to and you get the point.

With the new iOS comes a radically changed appearance and several new improved features along with some familiar ones from the previous iOS 6.x.  Over the next few weeks my colleagues at Envision along with myself will be sharing many of these features with you.  

In a conversation the other night with said colleagues, I found myself debating whether or not to take a call and realized...where has the "decline" option gone?  Knowing that the majority of our group had been testing the new iOS over the past couple of months I asked...."where is the decline option".  They said it no longer exists but that you had some other interesting options such as 'remind me' and 'message'.  Ok...really nice features by the way, but how do I tell someone in a not so subtle way that I'm busy, I can't talk right now, just leave a message for pete's sake by simply swiping the decline after the first ring and sending them straight to voicemail.  I swiped in the corner, I swiped up, I pulled down...I did a jig...nothing.  So, I did what every answer seeking geek does...I Googled it.  Low and behold, Apple designers did not forget but rather changed the way you do this.  Upon receiving a call that you can not or do not want to take you can do the following.  1) Press the power button (top right) once to silence the ring but continue to vibrate until ringing ends and caller is sent to voicemail.  2) Press the power button twice to send them directly to voicemail...DECLINED!     

Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks from the Envision geeks...