It's A Design Thing.....Wet Photos

I love a good bargain.  In fact, I'm signed up for just about every bargain deal available out there...whether it be groupon, deal catcher, living social deals, amazon name it I probably subscribe to it.  Now I will admit that not all things are a so-called bargain.  They can be a cheap and/or cheaper imitation of a well established, higher quality product.  So, when I see something cool or interesting, especially when it comes to technology related products, I do my research first.  I research the manufacturer, the feedback from consumers, and especially the specs on the product itself.   

So there is a particular item that I see often on all the different sites and I have always been impressed with its "design" but skeptical on if it really works.  It is simple yet practical (my two favorite design elements) and the concept is to use what you more than likely already have for a function that is non typical yet very fun!  I can confidently say this skeptic is no longer a skeptic, for this product anyway, as the proof is in the...well...water.  Why?  I ran into my Uncle this weekend who has actually used it and showed me the result and it was awesome.  Check out this waterproof case by Source Vista for your iPhone and you will be able to create unique memories yourself.  See the attached image of my Uncle and his grandkids and I think you will agree.  Best part, you can get it now for $12 from dealcatcher....regularly priced at $69.95.

Water Camera_1.jpg