Old Photos, Bad Photos, Never Fear


Many of us have taken a bad photo...of course more noticeable "back in the day" when printed photos were the norm and polaroids were cool.  I've also collected my fair share of photos handed down from various relatives.  Many of them old and in poor condition.  Regardless, they are keepsakes and ones that I will always cherish.  I've always wondered though, what would certain photos look like touched up or portrayed as the picture taker intended.  I need not wonder anymore.

I've discovered Snapseed.  An incredible free app that enables the would be user professional level image touch up and repair with minimal effort.  Most touch ups can be done in less than 5 minutes and the results are quite astonishing.  Check out this post by Ed Knepley utilizing Snapseed with step by step instructions on the process.  Have fun and enjoy your "new" photos!