iOS Apps - FREE

Nothing sounds better than the word "free" until we find out that there are some hidden costs or that the free item isn't even worth the connotation "free".  However, from time to time "free" is great and when it comes to apps, the majority of us are at lest intrigued if not giddy at the idea of getting a new app for free.  If nothing else then to test drive it prior to deciding whether or not it stays on our phone as an active app or is deposited in the abyss of some day maybe apps.  

Right now take advantage of 9 paid apps that are being offered up for free.  My winner of the group is Tiny Scan Pro.  A nifty little app to scan anything and everything right from your phone.  Check it out and see for yourself...but don't forget the other 8 apps as well.  Enjoy