a better way to "do" email....

I don't know about you, but I get a lot of email. I mean A LOT of email! That means I spend a lot of time sorting thru it and trying to determine which ones are important and which ones I can ignore, or trash, or deal with later. This means I have tried a lot of different email apps as well as different techniques for managing my inbox. 

With that said, I must tell you that I think I have found the first email client that I really enjoy using. It has made me so much more productive I just had to share it with you here. The app is called UNIbox and simply put ... I think it is the best email client I have ever used.

The main difference here is that it organized your email based on the sender. Brilliant right? What do most of us do when trying to do an emergency scan of our inbox? We try to look thru hundreds of emails and see if there is anything new from any "important people". It is such a simple concept I am surprised no one has tried it before. The other huge benefit of UniBox is the clean simple interface. It only took me one afternoon to decide I really like this new way of processing email.

If you are interested, please check out their web site and/or go here to download a free trial.