Could It Be True?!!!

iPod Nano Luna Tik Watch Band.jpg

For years Apple insiders have hinted and teased with the possible release of a smartwatch.  Year after year though Mac enthusiasts are left wanting and most have simply given up on the idea especially when their attention is diverted with some other cool release like the iPhone 5S or iPad Air.  Be it that I love watches and the idea that I could have smartphone capabilities on my wrist is just fascinating and something right out of a Sci-Fi flick.  I've even succumbed to wearing a 6th generation iPod Nano with a LunaTik watch band (see inset) to give the appearance that I actually have a smartwatch.  Don't get me wrong, I get a ton of compliments on it and it has all the functionality of the Nano, but darn it, it's not a smartwatch.  

Finally, there is an actual glimmer of hope.  I reputable source recently released an article stating that the iWatch could potentially be released with iOS 8 due out later this year.  In fact, the rumor mill is abuzz with the potential of the iWatch, especially with regards to health and the health industry.  Several articles in the past few weeks can be viewed at BGR.  I believe...therefore it will be so!