iOS 7.1 is great!...but with a few flaws

Apple's update to iOS 7 happened about a week ago in the form of iOS 7.1.  This sub-release was highly anticipated much like it's parent release, due to the fact that many Apple die-hards felt there were just a few things missing or "buggy" in iOS 7 that needed addressing.  For the most part, iOS 7.1 did not disappoint.  "Bugs" were worked out and several new features were unveiled or in some cases revived.  

Move forward a week (now) and a few flaws have been exposed.  That is to be expected.  Most notably is battery life.  The issues are minor and can easily be resolved.  ZDNet released a really nice slideshow/tutorial to help guide us through the process of addressing the minor little hiccups it iOS 7.1.  So, click here to view the slideshow and enjoy the full power of iOS 7.1!