Evernote .... "DESIGN MATTERS" for more than just apps...

I have written here on more than one occasion about Evernote (one of my favorite software / service companies). Their free service is fantastically useful and their premium offering even more so for the power user. They have a number of software offerings that are elegant and well designed to support the service as well. 

However, this time I want to hight the Evernote Market. The folks at Evernote believe that good design matters, so they have partnered with a number of other companies to offer Evernote branded version of some well designed products.

 I am thrilled to support Evernote as a company that is taking the lead by making a commitment to great design in all areas of our lives, even if that takes them out of their comfort zone of software and services. And even if this means promoting other companies.

Evernote’s goal is to make you better at everything, from your day’s tasks to your life’s work. This ambition doesn’t end with our apps. In collaboration with our favorite companies, designers, and manufacturers, we bring you the Evernote Market, a selection of noteworthy products designed to improve more of your every day.
— https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/about?sku=market


And here is the lead for information about their latest addition, a high quality water bottle.

High-Quality HYDRATION
When we handed our employees a replacement for disposable water bottles, we chose S’well. This is what a hydration device should be: the bottle stays cool and dry in your hand while maintaining the temperature of whatever’s inside (including coffee). It’s made of food grade stainless steel, so no leaching. And the mouth is just big enough to add ice cubes, but not so big that you’ll spill the contents.
— https://www.evernote.com/market/feature/water-bottle?sku=BOTT00101

If you are looking for well designed and well thought out software and services, please check out Evernote. And if you, like me, also appreciate good design in general, you should also take a peek at the Evernote Market.