Not 1...but 2 or 3...I'm in Tech Heaven

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of watches.  Although I have a very modest collection I would and could own 100's of watches if the pocket book allowed.  Unfortunately it doesn't.  Another well know fact among my Envision peers is that I LONG for the release of the iWatch.  Why?  Because I won't need 100's of watches....I will only need 1.  They end all be all of watches.  For years now Apple has positioned itself to take over the "wearable" smart device market and we are on the brink of it.  Most reports point towards a September or October release and it might coincide with the iPhone 6 release based on a recent report.  Latest report....Apple may release 3 different models this year!  WHAT!  So I no longer only need 1....but rather 3.  Thanks by pocket book.