Protect your investment

Lucky enough to get the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus last Friday???...or did you get hosed by your provider after pre-ordering on the 12th and then getting the run-around that your particular model selected is the most common and is suddenly on backorder right before it is suppose to be delivered to you house on the 19th but the real story is your provider's horse DIED out of the gate in what was the most important race of the IT season and that their pre-order site was down for 12 hours while everyone else was up and running and in "shiny new toy" heaven.  Oh I ranting?  

Well I still don't have my shiny new iPhone 6 but when I do, you can bet I will have a shiny new case to protect it.  Since the phone case shopping experience can be a bit daunting, here is a link to 10 awesome readily available cases.  Happy hunting!