Apple WATCH!!!

I have made it no secret via previous posts, banter between colleagues, and even an occasional and oft random whoo hoo walking down the street, that I have longed for a wearable from Apple.  Not an iPod stuck to me via a clasp or 3rd party "pouch" like some marsupial offspring, but an actual beautiful wearable with all the functionality of an iPod or iPhone but with the added benefit of an elegant timepiece.  Well folks...the wait is over.

Apple September Event as they called it was yesterday at 10am PST and it did not disappoint.  After unveiling the anticipated and much hyped iPhone 6, Apple surprised all of us with the announcement of the Apple Watch.  It took absolutely no convincing for me...but it might for you and I think an awe inspiring "movie" will do just the trick.  Click here and be prepared to be blown away!