New twist on infotainment

GE is starting up a sci-fi podcast series to entertain and to help push product. The podcast, called "The Message", is a mixture of sci-fi meets real science, and follows a group of cryptologists as they try to decipher a 70 year old alien message. This idea of infotainment is not new for GE, back in the 50s Ronald Reagan, yes that Ronald Reagan, hosted the GE Theater on television. The goal of this 8 part series is to entertain, but also to raise brand awareness. I actually have great hopes for the series. I generally like science fiction that has real science in it. There are too many shows nowadays where the science part was clearly written by someone who has no understanding of real science or scientific methodology. We can only wait and see how this new offering measures up. In the meantime you can read more about it here, or subscribe and listen to it here.