1TB solid state drive in you pocket.

If you have a need for speed and a need for a fair amount of storage, then Samsung has a new portable drive made just for you. They have basically taken a M-SATA solid state hard drive and dropped it into a sleek little USB3 drive enclosure. This provides a super fast solid state drive coupled with a fast USB connection. These drives start at 250GB and go up to 1TB. The 250GB version is pretty spendy at $179.00 on Amazon right now, and the 1TB version goes for a wallet bending $600.00. However, it's a one stop solution for fast storage.
For me, a better deal might be to get a less expensive M-SATA drive and put it into one of the myriad of drive enclosures that are designed for it. You can read more about the Samsung drive here and here.