MU SO brings hi-end HiFi to the wireless speaker category..

I heard about this hew hi end speaker from a client the other day. I am not a connoisseur myself, and therefor did not know the Naim brand but apparently they supply the audio for Bently automobiles and have speakers that cost more than my Fiat. With that said, the $1,500 price tag may seem more reasonable in comparison. 

The reviews of the unit are stellar and the minimalist design and attention to detail are what you might expect if Apple committed to designing a HiFi speaker these days. 

Let us know if you buy and and tell us what you think.

Find out more of what our first wireless music system, mu-so, has to offer in this detailed features video. Discover more: Music: 'What You Want You Always Steal' by Grigori. Out now on Naim:

The Mu-so is the first tentative step by the illustrious Naim into the wireless speaker market. Naim, who have a long standing history in the Hi-Fi world, is also the stereo of choice for the luxury car company Bentley and have been crafting in-car music systems for them since 2008.