iOS 8.2 and yes...Apple Watch | Get it while it's

So my Envision counterparts have decided to take it upon themselves to post blogs about the Apple Watch knowing full well that I am the one who has been giddy about this tech since the days of Star Wars and Star Trek in the early 80's. Then Apple tantalizes with rumors of "wearables" about 3 years ago knowing full well that the market just wasn't quite there.  Then in October Apple finally confirms the rumors and says the Apple Watch is out of R&D and is being manufactured for deployment early 2015.  Well my friends...we are there!  Apple Watch will be available for preview April 10th and available to buy April 24th. 

What does this have to do with iOS 8.2...nothing really.  I just didn't want my counterparts to steal my thunder and had to vent about it.  In fact, they were really never convinced the Apple Watch would ever become "real"...well ha!  That being said, iOS 8.2 is significantly better than previous versions from what I can tell.  No major changes but minor improvements include stability enhancements (thank goodness) and preparation for Apple Watch.  I've been running it since the day it dropped and I highly recommend the get it while it's warm (it was hot on Monday March 9th when it was released...LOL)