Facebook add payments to friends feature

Facebook has announced a new payments feature for its Facebook Messenger app, the company will now allow you to send money to your friends through the app.

The company has said that the new Facebook Messenger payments system will be rolled out to user of the app in the US over the next few months.

The first time you send or receive money in Messenger, you’ll need to add a Visa or MasterCard debit card issued by a US bank to your account. Once you add a debit card, you can create a PIN to provide additional security the next time you send money. On iOS devices you can also enable Touch ID. As always, you can add another layer of authentication to your account at any time.

The feature will be available to Facebook Messenger users on Apple’s iOS platform, Google’s Android platform and also on the desktop, you can find out more information over at Facebook at the link below.

source Facebook.com