Google self driving cars to hit the road this summer...

Winner - Design of the Year for Transport

Winner - Design of the Year for Transport

Google has announce their own purpose built self driving cars will be hitting the road this summer. But don't get too excited, there will only be a few cars and Google will only be testing them near Google's home base in Mountain View California.

There is a good summary article here at the BBC as well as another article at Wired about the car winning a design award. Up to now, the self driving cars have been modified versions of standard vehicles and included steering wheels and human riders to take over in case of emergency. The new models have no steering wheels and are two seater vehicles with a top speed of 25mph.

I don't know about you, but I am very excited about the potential of this technology. And if you think Uber is a "disruptor" in the taxi cab industry, just think about the possibilities for disruption in the public transportation industry if this works well and gains widespread acceptance!

Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can't drive. We're now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves-just push a button and they'll take you where you want to go!