Tesla Autopilot now driving Beta Testers Autonomously

We all know that Tesla is working on bringing autonomous driving to its Model S EV via a system dubbed Autopilot. This isn’t the sort of autonomous driving that will completely take you from one place to another with no driver, but it will drive you places on the highway without you having to take the controls. Tesla has announced that Autopilot is now available for select beta testers to use.

The Autopilot system can keep the car in its lane and control the distance to the car in front of it by braking or accelerating using the Traffic Aware Cruise Control system launched in January. There are a lot of mysteries behind the Autopilot system right now. Since it’s only in the hands of beta testers, those testers are very tight lipped because talking about the feature could get you booted from the beta program.

The Model S has an autopassing function activated when the turn signal is switched on manually. Perhaps with the Autopilot system the car can change lanes, handle braking, and throttle without driver input. I’m looking forward to autonomous driving so long road trips free the driver from worry about distraction and allow us to enjoy the ride.

via Geeky-gadgets.com