A smart lightbulb that won't break the bank!

f you found the transition from incandescent to fluorescent painful, you will be relieved to know you are in the midst of a lightbulb moment. This is the year when the price of LED-based smart bulbs, with the color and quality of light controlled by mobile apps, falls far enough to go mainstream.

Entering the highly competitive space is Ontario-based Nyrius, which today rolls out a light bulb for $39.99.

Still think this is a bit pricey for bulbs? Consider LED bulbs last longer and, because they need just a fraction of the wattage, means you are saving on your electric bill. LED bulbs range in price, some as low as under $10, however, the Nyrius bulbs are part of higher-end category of LED lighting that offers multiple levels of brightness, colors and prompts all controlled on a smartphone or tablet.

Nyrius, established in 2003 as a maker of lifestyle electronics, joins smart bulb leaders like iLumi Solutions, Phillips, Avi-On, Belkin and LIFX, in a $36 billion segment of the smart home industry that continues to grow. Industry analysts say the price on this category of lighting will continue to fall because of competition and even more energy-efficient technologies that are being introduced to products.

Nyrius bulbs offer a wide range of colors that a user controls from a color wheel on the mobile app. Purple, for example, can be used to relax. A more blue light is said to help with concentration.

Lights can be programmed to turn off and on at certain times and set like an alarm clock with a light that gradually fades in during wake-up time. There is also an alert setting where a bulb can suddenly flash green for an incoming phone call. The light can also sync with your music playlist.

Up to eight bulbs can be controlled on the app.


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