Thinking about buying the new iPhone?

Being in the "biz" a lot of friends and family (especially since the iPhone 6S announcement) have asked me the question.... "should I buy the new iPhone?".  Well...its somewhat of a loaded question for several reasons.  However, the biggest factors that I always seem to ask of them are 1) who is your carrier?... 2) what phone model do you currently have?... 3) what do you use your phone for?... The ultimate answer almost always lies in question #1... Carrier is everything since all of them have different promotions, rates, programs, and service.  Then beyond that the question is Apple vs Carrier purchase?  If you're still pondering and you are undecided this GUIDE may be of assistance.  I found it very interesting and insightful and I may just turn everyone I know on to it.  Happy shopping and bottom line is YES...get the iPhone 6S because it is an incredible piece of technology!... and you don't have to spend a small fortune to get it if you shop smart.