At least one iPhone 6S Delivered Early

One incredibly lucky Apple fan, San Diego-based Twitter user @MoonshineDesign, has already received her brand new Rose Gold iPhone 6s — several days ahead of its Friday release date.

Adrienne went on to post a variety of photos of the device, along with videos shot with the camera and even a Geekbench test, confirming the 2GB of RAM for the device.

For the Geekbench test, the iPhone 6s scored a 2413 in the single-core test, which puts it above the Retina iPad mini, iPad mini 3, and iPad Air 2. The multi-core score was 4293.

Amusingly, AT&T (who Adrienne ordered the handset through) tweeted her to congratulate her on being an early iPhone 6s owner.

Considering that even the early unit iPhone 6s reviews are under embargo, I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that some people are going to be getting angry phone calls from Cupertino today!


-Reposted from Cult of Mac