Get Your Prime On... NOW

I'm a huge fan of Amazon Prime... especially around the holidays when everyone is out shopping I'm sitting back by the fireplace (or A.C. because it was 80 degrees in Houston), sipping hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying Christmas music... while I'm waiting for my goodies to be delivered right to my front door.  Or in some cases being delivered right to the front door of the recipient... gift wrapped and all.  What could be better?

I will tell you what is better... Amazon Prime Now!  It's been around for a few months now in select cities and offers household goods... even food... etc. for same day delivery.  I used this service for the first time yesterday.  I found myself in a bind needing dog food, paper towels, toilet paper, and dish soap after not being able to make it to Costco.  I placed the order at 4:45 and it was delivered at 7:40.  You pay a delivery/tip fee but saved me time and money as the prices were comparable to Costco.  Click here to download the app and get your Amazon Prime on... NOW!