iPad Pro Part 2


With the iPad Pro comes many accessories. The 2 most notable ones are the samrt keyboard and the Apple Pencil. The Smart Keyboard is called the Smart Keyboard for a reason. The keyboard attaches itself to the iPad pro via the smart connector that is built into each iPad Pro. This connector is magnetic and allows not only data to pass through but power. That means that the Smart Keyboard never has to be charged.

The Apple Pencil is sort of like a stylus but much more. it has all kinds of features such as detecting pressure and adjusting the strokes as necessary. The Apple Pencil is charged via the Lightning port that is on the iPad and 15 seconds of charging will get you 30 min of use.


Pro Apps

You wouldn't think that there would be many Pro Apps on the iPad but there is a ton here are some of the best:


  1. Documents - Readdle
  2. PDF Expert - Readdle
  3. Word - Microsoft
  4. Excel - Microsoft
  5. PowerPoint - Microsoft
  6. Pages - Apple
  7. Numbers - Apple
  8. KeyNote - Apple


  1.  Spark - Readdle
  2. Outlook - Microsoft
  3. CloudMagic - CloudMagic


  1. Capture - Adobe
  2. Photoshop - Adobe
  3. Lightroom - Adobe
  4. Pixelmator - Pixelmator


  1. ProCreate - ProCreate
  2. Illustrator - Adobe
  3. Notes - Apple
  4. uMake - uMake Inc
  5. Paper - 53