iPad Pro Part 3

This week we are going to talk about power. You might be thinking power? How boring is that but wait!


The 12.9 inch iPad Pro comes with a 12w power adapter which is fine by most standards except that when i started to use the device and was using it heavily i noticed that it was draining power instead of replenishing it. This is due to the fact that the iPad Pro is using more power then the power supply can give out. So what do you do about it?

Apple has released a new USB-C to lightning adapter that allows you to connect the iPad Pro to the 29w USC Power Adapter. This not only gives it enough power to charge and use at the same time but it also charges much much faster. In my experience from a low charge to full is about 2 hours. Which is a lot better then without it. You can get the Adapter and USB-C cable from Apple or authorized stores like Best Buy and Amazon