iPad Pro as Replacement for Laptop Part 1

So for the last 30 days i have been using a 12.9 inch iPad Pro as a daily driver trying to use it as much as possible. For specs i have a 128gb 12.9 inch iPad Pro with cell connectivity provided by Verizon. This week we are going to talk about to parts with the first being text entry and the second is Microsoft Office Applications.

Text Entry

he Apple Smart Keyboard cover is a great typing device. It feels almost like a Macbook keyboard but it is a cloth fabric but doesn't feel like cloth. It is water and spill resistant so it is super easy to clean and there is no way for dirt to get trapped inside which is a bonus. It does however only cover the screen and has no protection for the back. Apple does sell a silicon back for $79.99 but i opted for one on amazon that matched perfectly for $8.99. It features Apple's new Smart Connector which proved power to the keyboard. So no need to charge it or pair it with bluetooth.

Right now the only other option is the one from Logitech. It connects via smart connector as well and is backlit. It does offer full coverage protection but has significant more bulk. 

Microsoft Office

Microsoft announced they were going to revamp Office suite for iPad and they really did. It includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint. One of the biggest challenges people face with moving to iOS is the file system. They find it cumbersome to have to download a file from cloud storage then edit the document and then upload it again. With Office suites you can integrate your cloud storage on your device. For example let's say i keep everything in dropbox. I can authorize Word to use dropbox and then i can browse dropbox direct from Word. I can then open the document, edit it and it will automatically be saved back so i don't need to worry about downloading and uploading the document. 

The style and the way everything is laid out is very similar to the desktop versions. I have not come across any feature that is not present in the iOS version that is in the desktop version. I however do want to say that i am not a hardcore user. 

Next week will be Part 2 and we will cover accessories and pro applications.