A great coffee table book

The fun Jonathan Zufi had playing RobotWar on his high school’s lone Apple II in the early 1980s re-emerged one day. He just had to play it again.

The lark that led Zufi to an online search for an Apple II to play the game grew into the acquisition of more than 500 vintage Apple items, which he lovingly photographed, but then sold to fund production of a coffee table book that has sold more than 15,000 copies.

Woz approved

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak called Zufi’s book “a beautiful gift to Apple fans and employees alike.”

“When Jonathan showed me an early draft of ICONIC, memories of the many amazing products that have come out of Apple, as well as some of the incredible engineers and designers I worked with over the years, came flooding back,” Wozniak wrote in a Forward for the book. “The beauty of design that Apple is known for deserves beautiful photography and that is what Jonathan has given us.”

Zufi said he knew almost nothing about photography, especially the kind of studio lighting it would take to capture the seductive simplicity of Apple’s product design. He consulted with a professional photographer who helped him shop for the equipment he would need and gave him instruction in a makeshift studio Zufi set up in his basement.

If the Apple fan took design for granted, Zufi’s photographs make the fan take notice of every brilliant curve, indentation and angle that ushered us into the personal computing era.

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