Everything New From Google I/O

Google recently had their annually conference much like an Apple keynote where they announce new products and things to come.  Here is a quick snapshot in case you missed it...

1.  Android N - The next version of Google's mobile OS is almost done (with lots of new features!)

2.  Daydream - I guess you could call this the next version of Google Cardboard.  Ultimately, the name will encompass everything Google does with VR, but right now it's basically a hardware standard for high end phones and a VR mode thats built right into Android N devices.

3.  Home - Think google's version of Amazon Echo.

4.  Allo - Allis a chat app with stickers and cool interface tricks..and end to end encryption.

5.  Assistant - We've had "OK Google" voice control for a while, but now we have an improved AI-powered assistant that better understand voice commands. Coming to your phone soon.

6.  Duo - Video calling in Android gets supercharged.

7.  Firebase 2.0 - This one is for developers, but its a big deal.  Firebase 2.0 comes packed with new features for building and testing android apps.