Why should small businesses partner with a MSP?


Small businesses exist in many forms in the United States and can exist as a small corner store or a medical practice. The average consumer utilizes small businesses more than they think during an average week. Over the years I have heard small business owners describe their business as insignificant, small and not worth a cyber attacker’s time. But the truth is that small businesses are more vulnerable than ever, and cyber criminals know it. 

A managed service provider has the expertise needed to help guide small businesses at a fixed monthly cost. Managed service providers have the staff needed to be able to take care of anything from desktop repair all the way up to cyber security needs. Leveraging the services of a managed service provider (MSP) provides you access to a wider range of technical skills than you would not otherwise have with internal staff. What this means to the small business owner is that someone is taking care of the businesses most vulnerable information. Managed service providers are experts in security, backups, maintenance and disaster recovery.

So why should small businesses partner with a MSP?

When a small business makes their cyber-security needs as a priority, their continued success in the community is most affected. The reputation that they have built up over the years remains intact and shows continued respect for the ever-changing way in which consumers interact with their business. There are many resources available for small business owners who cannot afford to hire full-time staff with managed service providers and partnering with the right company that can provide support for the ever-changing technology needs from the business is critical to the continued success of the business. As much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months. A data breach for a small business can be a fatal blow and turn a once successful venture into nothing but painful distant memories.