Is your attempt to save money on IT actually costing you thousands of dollars?

Full article downloadable at  

Full article downloadable at 

We have posted a new article about the false economies of “do it yourself” IT services for business. Below is an excerpt from the article. You can download the full report on our website at (Including a worksheet for calculating the hidden cost of YOUR current  do it yourself or as needed IT plan)



Twenty-two minutes per day is more than TWO WEEKS per year that your team is spending working on IT issues rather than doing the job they were hired to do!

Many small businesses believe they either don’t need professional IT services or believe they can simply handle issues on an as needed basis.

Making the case for professional IT services…

1 - Technology has become an integral part of almost every business. Whether for simple email communication & internet access or complex secure networking and file access, downtime can be costly.

2 - IT systems are becoming more complex and interconnected. No one individual can be an expert on the multitude of services and security systems necessary to deploy and manage the technology needed for a business to function smoothly.

3 - In our experience, “as needed” technology management is just another way to say… “all fire-drills, all the time”. In this “as needed” mode of

operation, nothing ever actually gets fixed long term.

4 - Proper multi-tiered backups and disaster recovery systems require planning and constant monitoring to insure business continuity in the event of data loss or a disaster like fire, theft, hurricane and malicious attacks on your system by others.