2 hours in 2 minutes ... the Apple keynote in a flash...

So as good IT Geeks and Apple Consultants we watched the full Apple Keynote for you to make sure we know all that is here now and coming soon!. You can watch the full event here on Apple’s web site.

But even better… here is a quick summary video from Apple. Take a look… see what you think… and call or email us if you have questions.

Apple WWDC announcements condensed to 13 minutes (by The Verge)

click on the image to jump to Apple’s website

click on the image to jump to Apple’s website

Last week Apple hosted it’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. As usual, the opening day started with a 2+ hour keynote announcing all the upcoming software and hardware slated for later in the year.

As certified Apple consultants, most of the Envision Design team watched the event live streaming on the web and we were blown away with the number of significant announcements from Apple. There were so many things announced we will likely be talking about them all summer long. From new operating systems announced for iOS, Mac, iPad os, TV os, and Watch os, to new hardware for Mac Pro tower, to new Pro Display, to complete voice control for iOS and Mac and so much more.

Rather than try to list all the announcements and features here… I have linked to the great condensed video from The Verge where they took 2+ hours of Apple video and condensed it down to 13 minutes of highlights!

At WWDC 2019, Apple announced updates headed towards the Apple family of devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac desktops and laptops, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. There's also the announcement of iOS 13 and the new Mac Pro, a powerful computing device that hasn't been refreshed since 2013.


Apple iPhone trade-in program

If you have been on the fence about getting one of the new iPhones this year, don’t forget Apple has a trade-in program. For a limited time, they are giving a bit extra on trade-ins for the holidays. 

Check out the deals here if a shiney new iPhone is on your holiday shopping list.



Note... this program is also available for the iPhone Xs and XsMax as well. 

Note... this program is also available for the iPhone Xs and XsMax as well. 

Click HERE to check the value of your trade-in on Apple’s web site.