Fun Friday: Personalize Your Stamps

For a bit over $22 for a sheet of 20 on Zazzle, you can create your own, personalized postage stamps with your photos! (other vendor also available, see links below)  Just in time for the holiday card mail-out, consider creating your own stamp.  A festive, personal touch.  Here’s a New York Times how-to.

For reference and further reading:

$5 Raspberry PI introduced....

I know this is old news as I bookmarked it back in November of 2015 but it is a new year and time to get busy on those new years resolutions. Resoltuions like learing to code or getting your children interested in computers. The Raspberry PI Zero will let you get started for as little as $5. Of course you need monitor and keyboard and power, but you likely have all that around the house anyway. With HDMI out you can easily use your TV for the project. 

Here is the intro vidoe and a link to the site if you are interested.