Choosing a Fire and Water Proof Safe

from Amazon

from Amazon

    Two days ago we began a 3-day focus on emergency preparedness.  Today we take a look at a recommended fire-proof safe and what to consider when choosing one. (October is fire-safety month.)

    When choosing a fire-proof safe for your digital items, this Lifehacker article recommends protection for 30-minutes at 1550 ºF and and internal temperature under 125 ºF.

    Best pick by Nick Guy, volunteer firefighter, was the First Alert 2030F Fire and Water safe (available from Amazon here).  For more information on his methodology, check it out here.  

For reference and further reading:

Learn Swift on your iPad...

Last week Apple made a number of announcements at their World Wide Developers Conference outlinging all the new features comming to mac OS, tv OS, iOS, and watch OS. I think my favorite announcement of all was the one about the upcomming Swift Playgrounds programming app that will be available for iOS in the Fall along with iOS 10.

Below is a video of the demo from stage at WWDC. As you can tell, the app is clearly intended to help teach kids to program. However, everthing I have heard seems to indicate this will be a great (and FUN) learning tool for anyone wanting to learn to program in Apple's new preferred launguage of Swift.

I never install Beta software on my Apple devices as they are all too critical to my daily work to risk the unknown issues Beta software can cause. However, I was so intrigued by this app, I was tempted to install the Beta of iOS 10 just to try this. 

Take a look and see what you think and let us know.  


note ... Swift Playgrounds will be free and available in the Fall when iOS 10 ships. 

affordable standing desk from Ikea...

If, like me, you have been interested in an adjustable standing desk but have been scared off by the insanely high prices they you can now rest easy(er) with these new affordable options from Ikea

The Bekant desk system has a number of leg and desktop options starting as low as $139 for the standard desk models. If you want the sit/stand powers desk, they range from $489 to $639. Not standard Ikea cheap, but still 1/2 to 1/3  the price of any other power adjusted models I had found to date.

I have only had mine for a day, but the assembly was pretty simple and the motor adjustment is quiet and smooth. I am glad to have the option to sit for a while and then quickly adjust to standing mode when needed. (quick note: it also has a nice mesh net under the desk to help hold and hide all the cords... be sure you leave enough slack in the main power to the unit to allow for the desk to extend to standing height)