Support National Park Foundation with Apple Pay Apple Purchases (via Apple Newsroom)

From July 1-15, Apple will donate $1 for purchases made with Apple Pay at Apple Stores,, and the Apple app store. Also, earn a special sticker on your Apple Watch July 15th by completing a 3.5 mile walk, run, or wheelchair workout that day. See more here.

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Apple Protecting Forests with The Conservation Fund

Apple teams up with The Conservation Fund to protect our country's forests through an easement donation and to improve Apple's ability to source its packaging materials from responsibly-managed forests.

"The company, in partnership with The Conservation Fund, is donating the conservation easement across more than 32,400 acres of working forest in the US — the Reed Forest in Maine — to the Forest Society of Maine." (Apple Newsroom)

"The company is working to protect and create enough responsibly managed forests around the world to cover all its packaging needs and produce fiber for generations. In 2015, Apple launched a partnership with The Conservation Fund to protect 36,000 acres of sustainable forest in the Eastern United States through the use of conservation easements, which help ensure the working forests remain forests. Apple is also partnering with World Wildlife Fund in China to transition up to one million acres of forest into responsible management by 2020." (Apple Newsroom)

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Raspberry Pi weather station.

The Raspberry Pi has many uses, people, myself included, have been using them for weather forecasting for a while now. However, the National Weather Service is wanting to utilize the Raspi's to help gather weather data in remote areas where a commercial weather station, which can cost $10,000+, is financially unfeasible to install and maintain. They are planning to use the Raspberry Pis with off the shelf parts and some parts made with 3D printers to create weather stations that can be made for around $200. This would make it affordable enough to have them in remote locations, including Africa, which up to now is a weather data desert. If these little kits work out, it will make it possible to better forecast the weather, and gather data on weather trends. You can read more about it here. You can learn how to build your own Raspberry Pi powered weather station by going here.

Space nerds: take notice... New Cool Sun Spot images released.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), recently release several detailed images of Sun spot cores. These are groundbreaking images that show inner structures of Sun Spots. This information could help scientist figure out how Sun spots form and might help to predict the occurrence of Sun spots. This is important because Sun spots are a major factor in the disruption of satellite communications and can even cause disruption to the electricity grid. As such, it would be useful to know when major Sun spots are about to erupt and their magnitudes. You can read more about this here and here.



Dark Sky | my new favorite weather app

Just in time for all the nasty, cold, freezing, snowy, constantly changing weather here in Texas, I have discovered my new favorite weather app for iOS. It give you minute my minute updates on what the weather conditions are in your location.... and it has just be redesigned for iOS 7 and it is super clean and beautiful. My favorite feature however is that is gives you up to date and useful information. I have other weather apps that are "pretty", but not so much useful.

If you want access to an accurate weather forecast anytime, anywhere... go buy Dark Sky now. It is only $3,99 and you won't be disappointed.