Apple TV Games to Try

via  Apple

via Apple

iMore and Macworld have compiled a list of games (both with and without a MFi controller) that are fun, fan-favorites for the Apple TV.  You can read more about each game on the articles linked below.

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"Never Alone" video game to keep culture

E-Line Media via  CNN

E-Line Media via CNN

"The Cook Inlet Tribal Council of Alaska worried native kids were disconnected from their culture. They teamed up with E-Line Media to create 'Never Alone', a video game based on Inupiat history and folklore." via CNN Money

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How To: Liquid-Cooling PC Gaming System

via  Forbes

via Forbes

Chris found this how-to article for liquid-cooling a PC gaming system.  Reasons for building aliquid-cooled gaming system include:

  • quieter,
  • increase performance by staying cooler, and
  • can look really cool.

Fun and games!

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