Hurricane Preparedness: Gadgets and Tech

via NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

via NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hurricane season has begun and some tips for how to prepare your tech are here (backups and more) and here (how to save precious battery life), as well as some handy gadgets to assist are here. Be safe!

For reference and further reading:

Password Length Trumps Complexity

I came across this XKCD comic the other day.  It's an old one, but a good one that teaches an important lesson.  Most people are under the impression that when creating a password a complex word with a bunch of random characters is super secure.

Unfortunately, the truth is 4 random words like mentioned above in the comic is WAY more secure and would take longer to crack then a short complex one.  I think the best thing to remember is try to create a passphrase vs a password.  Just a friendly reminder!