Tech Applied - March Newsletter is available for download

March 2019 Tech Applied Newsletter

March 2019 Tech Applied Newsletter

The March newsletter has everything from a book recommendation for Powerful by Patty McCord (Netflix Chief Talent Officer), to business lessons from Petra’s lead business coach Andy Bailey, to a quick lesson about three insidious ways cybercriminals will exploit human error of employees to hack your network.

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4 emails a year to keep your network strong (via Fast Company)

This article from Fast Company promotes sending a personal, thoughtful, and lengthy email out to your most valued people in your network about 4 times a year in order to maintain a strong networking relationship (this is in addition to more personal, face-to-face time).  As Jason Shen says in the article, "building a strong network is one thing, and keeping it strong is another."

I have a longing  for connections, or networks, to feel more meaningful and valued, rather than transactional and need-based.  Perhaps this is a step in that direction.

For reference and further reading:

9 iPhone text messaging tips and tricks via Mashable

A good guide to increase you efficiency when texting is available at Mashable.  Automated responses, customized read receipts, photo mark-ups, keyboard shortcuts, and having texts read aloud are a few favorites.

For reference and further reading: