Where to Work on Self-Driving Cars

Apple neither confirmed nor denied working on self-driving cars, but there have been some headlines recently about changes at Apple that lead some to think Apple is only interested in the software aspect of the coming innovation. (I said “only” like it’s some small thing!)  I liked the twist this article in USA Today put on the rumors.  If you are interested in who’s hiring for self-driving cars and what skills those developers are looking for, then check it out.  It’s more than just Google and Uber.

For reference and further reading:

Check out Volvo's Concept Autonomous Car

It's no secret that I'm looking forward to the idea of autonomous cars.  I think it's pretty clear at this point that autonomous cars will be introduced more as an auto pilot that can be used in certain areas before anything else.  

To get ready for this shift, many car makers are hard at work dreaming up new features and interiors to compliment the self driving capabilities.

Anyways, check out the video above! It's a car they actually built.  Reminds me of the BMW concept car that was seeing driving around Las Vegas. (see video below!)