Tech Applied - March Newsletter is available for download

March 2019 Tech Applied Newsletter

March 2019 Tech Applied Newsletter

The March newsletter has everything from a book recommendation for Powerful by Patty McCord (Netflix Chief Talent Officer), to business lessons from Petra’s lead business coach Andy Bailey, to a quick lesson about three insidious ways cybercriminals will exploit human error of employees to hack your network.

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Web-base Reading Program

There seems to be more online options when it comes to online math support and tutoring programs.  I was so glad to find a fantastic program that will support and coach young readers! Created by a woman who experienced reading struggles firsthand, MindPlay is a Virtual Reading Coach that supports the learning of phonics, phonemic awareness, grammar for meaning, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and fluency.  After a brief assessment, an individualized plan is developed and the program begins.  A three-month subscription starts at $149 for the home-user.

For reference and further reading:

A little learning with Head Squeeze....

I'm always wanting to learn something new, and to that end I have run across the "HeadSqueeze" you tube channel. HeadSqueezeTV is a cheeky look at common questions with a bit of science thrown in for good measure. One of the the hosts is James May (The smart one) of BBC's "Top Gear" program. It is thoroughly entertaining and informative. Check it out.


Making the case for pen and paper.

A new study recently published in the Journal Computers & Education has concluded that students that use computers to take notes or who multitask during lectures get lower marks than students that use pen and paper to take notes. The study also showed that students using pen and paper to take notes and who were seated near the multi-taskers received lower grades, possibly as a result of being distracted by the multi-taskers.
It is thought that the act writing helps the brain process the information more fully in a way that typing does not. You can read more about it here and here and you can read the full study here.