How To: Liquid-Cooling PC Gaming System

via  Forbes

via Forbes

Chris found this how-to article for liquid-cooling a PC gaming system.  Reasons for building aliquid-cooled gaming system include:

  • quieter,
  • increase performance by staying cooler, and
  • can look really cool.

Fun and games!

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Making the Switch from Samsung Galaxy Note7 to iPhone7

via iMore

via iMore

Our go-to resource for how-to’s and tutorials already has a handy article for those switching from Samsung Galaxy Note7 to an iPhone 7. ( Check it out here.)  Here at Envision, we would recommend a switch to an Apple product, but mostly we want everyone's tech to be safe, so please swap the Samsung Galaxy Note7 out for a safer option as soon as possible.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Recall Update: Power Down and Get a New Phone

via Samsung website:  Galaxy Note7 Recall

via Samsung website:  Galaxy Note7 Recall

Sadly, the Galaxy Note7 recall hasn’t been successful and even replacement phones have batteries that are overheating and “spontaneously catching fire”.  Users are advised to power down their device and follow the remedy options available listed on Samsung’s News website here, including a refund or a different phone.  

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Kano Computer Kits for All Ages Comes to Retail

The Kano computer kit for all ages is available at Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us (for about $150), after raising 15 times their goal on Kickstarter and shipping over 100,000 kits. 

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how the Apple Pencil has revived my love of drawing...

I have posted previously about my experience with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil but I wanted to follow up now that I am almost 8 months into my "experiment" of replacing my laptop with an iPad Pro.

As I mentioned before, I have tried many digital devices with stylus input and will continue to share with you all that the Apple Pencil replicates the experience of "drawing" better than any other device. And in my experience, it does this by a factor of 10 or maybe even 100! This is to say it is not just better than the other things I have tried, it is doing a great job at replicating the experience of drawing, or writing, or sketching. This is no small feat for me as a "recovering architect" as I have found I have some very fond memories associated with the drawing and sketching experience. 

I would go so far as to say the iPad Pro is so good at what it does, it has rekindled my interested in drawing with paper and pen again as well. But that is a post for another time.

If you are at all interested in such things, I really suggest you spend 15 or 20 minutes with an iPad Pro and Pencil next time you are in an Apple store. I think you will be surprised at how well the Pencil performs and how quickly you can become used to working with it.

Here are some additional images created on the iPad Pro. NOTE that my current favorite drawing apps include...

... Apple notes app (for fast simple drawing with free built-in app)

... Paper by 53 (for simple interface and ease of use)

... Sketchbook by Autodesk (for best combination of tools and options while keeping the interface simple)

 ... ProCreate at (for professional level drawing tools on iOS)