Data-driven targeted ads and Facebook's response

Seems we could do something more productive with these data than encourage a sad teen to buy something as a "confidence boost". But, according to this article by MIT Technology Review and Ars Technica, it seems the data was used in this way. Facebook has responded to this article here, and corrective steps are being taken.

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4 emails a year to keep your network strong (via Fast Company)

This article from Fast Company promotes sending a personal, thoughtful, and lengthy email out to your most valued people in your network about 4 times a year in order to maintain a strong networking relationship (this is in addition to more personal, face-to-face time).  As Jason Shen says in the article, "building a strong network is one thing, and keeping it strong is another."

I have a longing  for connections, or networks, to feel more meaningful and valued, rather than transactional and need-based.  Perhaps this is a step in that direction.

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